Mindful Moments
Mindful Moments

Mindful Moments

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This set is designed to create your very own mindful moment. A warm cup of Cacao tea is the perfect way to start or finish your day. Steep your Cacao tea for 3-4 minutes before adding a drizzle of honey and if you prefer, a splash of plant based milk. Invest in your self-care or treat a loved one with this delicious combo. Additional extras are available if you are sending as a gift for a birthday, house warming or a self-care gift.


  • Cacao Tea (Vanilla or Coconut) & Tea Steeper

  • Brisbane Honey & Wooden Dipper

  • Espresso cup/s (Amber, Peach or Milk)

  • Optional extras include gift wrapping, a plantable gift card of your choice and/or a handmade wooden keyring

More about the carefully selected, Australian made products in this set:

Cacao Tea:

Vegan ~ 99.5% caffeine-free ~ Natural

Handcrafted in Sydney, Australia by The Husk Mill. Cacao tea is a 100% plant based natural drink made from Cacao husks. 

Vanilla~ A smooth cacao husk tea blend with delicate notes of malt, vanilla and cocoa. Great with milk of your choice and brown sugar.
Ingredients: cacao husk (theobroma cacao) and organic ground vanilla beans (vanilla planifolia).

Coconut~ A rich and creamy coconut cacao husk tea blend, with hints of burnt caramel and cocoa. Great with milk and coconut sugar. 
Ingredients: Cacao husk (theobroma cacao) and organic coconut (cocos nucifera). 

Cacao and its husk contain theobromine, a stimulant which differs from its cousin caffeine. Theobromine has a slow release effect and helps release your body’s natural endorphins to give you that much needed pick-me-up whether you drink it morning, noon or night. 

Brisbane Honey:

A delicious honey, made locally in the heart of the Brisbane wetlands by Bee One Third. This honey also has a MANUKA rating of 45MGO made from the wetlands Leptospermum flowers over the course of the Summer season. 

Espresso Cup/s:

Beautifully handmade in Australia by Rhiannon Gill Ceramics. Each cup is individually handmade, your cup is truly one of a kind with slight variations in pattern, colour and shape. Each cup holds approximately 100 ml of liquid.

Additional Extras:

House Keyring:

Carefully handmade in Brisbane, Australia. This keyring is a perfect addition to this set for a house warming gift.

Plantable Gift Card:

Handmade cards embedded with Swan River Daisy seeds, made by Hello Petal. The cards can be planted to produce a beautiful array of Daisies, an extra gift in itself!  

Please note:
If you are purchasing this set for a gift, please add the additional extras and this will be beautifully gift wrapped with a plantable card of your choice. If you are sending the gift straight to the recipient then also add a message in notes at checkout and we will hand write this and send straight to your loved one!