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Cacao Tea
Cacao Tea

Cacao Tea

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Vegan ~ 99.5% caffeine-free ~ Natural

Handcrafted in Sydney, Australia by The Husk Mill. Cacao tea is a 100% plant based natural drink made from Cacao husks.

Flavours ~ 

Vanilla :

A smooth cacao husk tea blend with delicate notes of malt, vanilla and cocoa. Great with milk of your choice and brown sugar.

Ingredients: cacao husk (theobroma cacao) and organic ground vanilla beans (vanilla planifolia).


A rich and creamy coconut cacao husk tea blend, with hints of burnt caramel and cocoa. Great with milk and coconut sugar. 

Ingredients: Cacao husk (theobroma cacao) and organic coconut (cocos nucifera). 

To serve ~ Steep 1 tablespoon for 4 minutes (depending on desired strength) at 100°C.

More from the makers...

Our teas are high in antioxidants, minerals and vitamins.

The cacao husks we use in our blends carry many of the same antioxidant agents as the cacao bean, as well as being high in magnesium, potassium and fibre. Additionally, there is a lower fat content in the husks than the bean itself.

Our cacao teas are 99.5% caffeine-free.

Cacao and its husk contain theobromine, a stimulant which differs from its cousin caffeine. Theobromine has a slow release effect and helps release your body’s natural endorphins to give you that much needed pick-me-up whether you drink it morning, noon or night. 

Our teas are preservative, and artificial additive-free and 100% vegan.
Our teas are completely natural and preservative-free – there are no added flavours or starches. They are vegan and contain no gluten so you can enjoy our blends knowing you are doing your body a world of good. 

Note ~ The packaging is 100% recyclable. The inner bag of your tea tube is made from cellulose so you can throw it into your compost.